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The Hidden Stone's Restless Trouble Empty The Hidden Stone's Restless Trouble

Post by Koto on Wed Aug 08, 2012 1:40 pm

Name: Kizu Suiho
Title: Hidden Stone’s Restless Trouble (Iwagakure’s Urusai no Jiken)
Age: 19
Height: 182.88cm
Weight: 81.6kg
Eye Colour: Golden Brown
Hair Colour: Dark Brunette

General Appearance: Kizu has dark-coloured spiky brown hair, which he keeps swept back over his headband; and draped down to the shoulders. He wears a standard Iwagakure outfit, consisting of a red-Forehead protector and undershirt, the sleeve of which is missing on the right arm. – His flak jacket has a holster on the back which he keeps the shaft of his sickle slid into. – A small dark red patch on the left side of his flak jacket (Near the bottom) bears the Kanji for (“Dogu” – Tool) which he seems to use to summon items to himself.

Personality: Kizu is well known throughout the village as the “Restless Trouble”; The nickname comes from his never-failing tendency to aggravate others (In a harmless, playful way), though in spite of his impishness, he is a lovable and playful guy which also doubles as a joker. – His restlessness is due to an intense Insomnia and incapability to get adequate sleep. After years of sleeping for only a few hours a day, he has reached a point in which he can take a simple cat nap, and then stay up for several nights in a row. This has served as an advantage in some cases. - Though Kizu is a prankster, and even in battle will continue to display this behavior, he has been known to have quite the ability at deciphering the opponent’s abilities and behavior. When asked about it, Kizu simply blames it on his playfulness, as “You can’t aggravate someone, if you don’t know what gets to them.” – His best-friend at times (And often rival), Inbō, is his favorite victim for his pranks. As he sometimes goes out of his way to mess up his hair, and tuck in half of his shirt just to watch Inbō fuss over it.


Hobbies: Out of sheer boredom, Kizu will randomly select a single person out of a crowd, and spend his whole day tracking them, and monitoring their behavior to give him something to do.

Village: Iwagakure no Sato
Rank: Chuunin

Equipment: A Kama attached to the back of his Flak Jacket, and a Release-Seal on his left side which summons an assortment of tools.

Name: Umibi (Sometimes referred to as “Kokonatsu” after it’s favorite food, Coconut)
Height: 624.3cm
Weight: 850kg
Species: Coconut Crab
Appearance: Umibi is a giant Coconut Crab, which has turquoise plating covering most of its back and arms. Its two claws are a light green color, which turn white along the tips, and also on the underside of its body. – Umibi is roughly four-times the height of Kizu.
Abilities: Due to its large body, Umibi makes a perfect defense for Kizu, as well as Offensive with his large claw which he can crush enemies with, as well as knock things out of the way. – Along with his defense and offensive, Umibi can cover Kizu by creating a large dome of foam which would hide himself and Kizu. – The bubbles within it pop at random times, making noise all throughout it, and obscure the sense of hearing; the sense of smell is overcome by the scent of the ocean, and sight is obviously hidden, making this perfect for temporarily taking away the enemies ability to locate Kizu by normal means.
Summoning: Crab Hammer Advantage (Kuchiyose: Kanai Hanma no Riten)
Following the hand seals of this technique, the user clasps their hands together and releases the Summon (Under them, in front, behind or possibly the sides). Upon its appearance, a large cloud of smoke is replaced with a large amount of foam and bubbles, which cover a wide range, obscuring the view of both the summoner, and the summon. – It is possible to summon the crab ready to attack, referencing to its name, as it is brought forth slamming its giant claw down onto the opponent.

Chakra Sensing Technique
This technique is used by sensors to detect someone's chakra. Using this technique, sensors can tell when enemies are approaching, and can easily track down targets. The range of this technique varies between sensors.

Generic Sealing Technique
This technique is a standard ninja skill which allows a ninja to summon an assortment of items that have been stored using fūinjutsu. Scrolls are the most common choice for item storage. When needed, the owner will activate the seals releasing their item or weapon of choice. Scrolls can also be used as ammunition for other weapons or have other seals inside of them, which expands the number of potential tricks a shinobi can use.

Shuriken Shadow Clone Technique

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